Monday, November 23, 2009

a poem

Jiman Casablancas November 24 at 11:08am

Here's your birthday poem

'Way back in the beginning ...when I started all of my sinning...I needed a partner in crime, you could I went on a search and I started to pray.

I was eating at Pelita one nightWhen my homies came to join me and yeah we were quite tightAs my eyes toured the room, my poor heart skipped a beat...for together with them was the picture of sweet

She was glued to her Coke. Her proportions were swellHer hair was quite bushy.They were longer than hell (rambut kerinting lama)I turned and I winked and I said...Hey there. My name is Jiman. You think you could be friends with me?(Can you tough it?)And she said, I'm gagging! No way! Get me outta this dump!I said, Hey, Mr. DJ, I need a new boy to pump (and then comes Edy)

So the rest is like history. Legend, okay?You want to hear dish? I don't play it that way.How can I thank you, my sweet Farra RafikaYou turn me into a person more trashy than I ever thought I could beWe drink, we eat, we talk smack, we danced and we fallWe get stylish and borrowed each others stuff and all.

Life is unpredictable with its why and its whenBut I guess I got lucky. I found me a friendSo I’m wishing you another yearOf laughter, joy and funSurprises, love and happinessAnd when your birthday’s done

I hope you feel deep in your heart,As your birthdays come and goHow very much you mean to meMore than you can ever know.


much love.


p/s: lola heart u!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

tangan yang.....

.....menghayun buaian, kini tercedera pula. moga mummy cepat sembuh. dan papa tabah selalu.

chaiyok! :)