Saturday, September 1, 2007

selamat merdeka malaysia! (and to myself)

i had an interesting independance day this year.
went out with (an undisclosed) friends to sunway lagoon for 'my nation' party. yeah, without 'the cat'. i actually went out quite early as to avoid traffic congestion and also to join few other friends for their drinking session. later, when i got there, i'm quite surprised as not many party-goers are there. however, we went in anyway. and desire was spinning, and no doubt, she's good. i never heard her for quite sometime and totally forgot how she plays. and yep, she made the small crowd jumping and dancing like crazy at 9pm (wow...i was early!). however, my intention going there is actually to see cosmic gate. and, as usual, they rocked the night!! and more and more and more people were there! and the'm lost. and no, i did not went straight back home as what 'the cat' thought. gile ke nak balik.....besok tu kan up lageihhh! and i only be home at 11am the next day. can't sleep well though, so i buzz my friends and we met up at bangsar around 2pm. 'the cat' was there too. and later crashed at friend's place to watch a movie 'everything goes pete tong' (inspiring rave movie!). later that evening, we are all ready for the 2nd night out party, which is at putrajaya.
at putrajaya, with 'the cat', there were fireworks competition. and it's really gorgeous! pity us, we got there a bit late. we just shoot to the party. and once again, i'm surprised, there is less people than last night. however, the venue is really nice, the music is great, we got free drinks, free parking & free dancing space. 'the cat' and i are going out together again! lalala!!! we had fun, but not a blast coz i was feeling sleepy and tired. and i should apologies to 'the cat' coz there were no after party later coz i need to get back home and catch my sleep- as i need to show up at my scholl best friend's wedding.
thankfully enough i decided to go sober last night, i made it on time at the wedding, beautifully. ;P met up with my childhood friends, catching up stories and husband-introducing-session. it was short, and sweet. took only few pictures and i already heading home.
hmmm.....looking back, i dont really know where is the interesting part. maybe just because i did something that 'the cat' did not know.
yep, i'm having my guilty pleasure (more percentage on pleasure than guilt) ;p