Thursday, December 13, 2007


so what if i have not been writing it here? then it'll be an indication that i've been busy and happy with life, and that i have forgotten all about my blog. so now, what's up eh?

nothing much.

1) just keep on holding on to my job. i need money to support my oh-so-so-stylish lifestyle (u bet!). i have a condo to pay, gas to fill (thanks to papa that i don't have to pay for the car) and loads of unnecessary things to buy.

2) helping myself to exercise. i swim and staircasing up to level 6.

3) making myself comfortable at my new housing area. i try not to go to bangsar for dinner as i always did. instead, i try to find eating spots near my area. and currently, always end up myself at plaza damas. (no, my home is not in hartamas, it's segambut. isn't it such an unpleasant name? segambut. better without the 'but'. precisely, my home is actually the border between mont kiara & segambut. heh!)

4) daydreaming about my upcoming island trip. i've been longing for it, and thank God it's gonna happen soon. just wanna have an enjoyable, fun, wasted, safe trip!

5) just passed my birthday few weeks ago. to be honest, i was asleep on the eve, and i know you gonna thought that i am a boring person. no, not at all. wait till u know what i got for my birtday. and all i got was (it'll get hotter towards the end):-

-birthday calls & text messages - thanks to those remembering! i know u love me!
-a birthday cake & last line of birthday song @ pelita - thanks to fellow pong crew
-a (rather sweet) birthday dinner @ 7ate9 - thanks to j, my super ex-bf
-anya hindmarch makeup pouch.yup, anya hindmarch - thanks to raja pong
-a sleek black (so,so stylish) ipod.yup, an ipod - thanks to the cat
and the ultimate:
-christian dior mini saddle bag. yup, it's christian dior - again, thanks to the cat (u know i love u! :P) can i not be happy all these while.......