Thursday, August 20, 2009

hate to say good bye

my beloved uncle will be departed this afternoon.

since he came back here for holidays, i only met him twice-the day he landed, and yesterday. and it made me feel bad. coz though i did not spend time with him as much enuff, he did gave me a precious piece of gift.

and today, it made me met him thrice, coz i'll chauffered him to the airport. and be waving him goodbye. hope to see him next year!

p/s: and trust me, semua akan meleleh air mata, dan tahan cebek bibir setiap kali sampai kat tpt check-in. walaupun tetiap tahun jumpa dia. termasuk aku juga.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

some kind of....

lola is so sick of her job. she only loves the money.

lola is tired of eating. coz it only makes her fat.

lola hates being here. but by being here is what makes her, her.

lola wants to love. but she thinks too much.

lola needs her friend. but they are all so far away.

lola seems alone. though she seems not to be.

lola missed the show. and it's all her fault.

whatever it is, lola just need....some kind of.....escapism......

come, let's escape together!

Monday, August 17, 2009


lama lola berdiam diri. tapi diam tidak mesti tanda setuju.
lola rebel. tapi rebel dalam diam.
sebab sebenarnye lola ni bisu.....